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"It has been such great year for our Insights Team and the Rothcorp team has been an integral part of it, with a richness of insights across the cluster. Your latest work on tracking harmonisation has been wonderful.  Much appreciated."

Pricing & Insights Manager, FMCG


“I am very impressed with the quality of insights and the level of detail with which you’ve explored every issue. Really appreciate your work on this. The insight has proved very valuable to our proposition development in terms of challenging some initial hypotheses and uncovering key investment areas.”

Senior Manager, Customer Strategy, Banking & Finance


“The Board has been very impressed with the rigour and quality of your team’s analysis on this project, and it has certainly focused minds on the value of such diligent research into additional new markets."

Manager, Analysis & Business Improvement, Transport Industry


“I would like to thank you for the extraordinary turnaround times on this project (before Christmas!). To deliver such a high calibre report in such a short time frame is exemplary and of great value to our business."  

Head of Market Research, Banking & Finance


“Your outstanding work on the [new product innovation] has been of great value to our business.  The detail of the analysis and depth of insight was excellent and has guided our decisions on this important area of investment for our business.  Your ongoing engagement with us throughout the project helped ensure the project was run seamlessly.  I appreciate the sheer knowledge and experience of the Rothcorp team."

Chief Strategy Officer, Technology Sector


“Thanks again for such a stellar job – admire and aspire to your work ethic. Your efforts are hugely appreciated!"

Product Manager, Banking & Finance


“As usual, you managed to deliver all the required insights under pretty tight timelines and, in particular, the calibre of the respondents you recruited was noticed by of our senior leaders."

Senior Market Research Manager, Banking & Finance


“Thank you for your insightful piece of work for the team. It will provide very valuable inputs to the business planning in New Zealand."  

Customer Insights Manager, FMCG


“We are very happy with the results of your research which have facilitated the [product category] improvements which are already currently underway. Thank you."  

Business Analyst, Banking & Finance

"It’s been a pleasure as always to see the close involvement you and your teams have with our business. 2018 is going to be a period of major resurgence in our brands. You should know that we move forward with the confidence drawn from the work that you do for us."

Head of Sales and Marketing Operations, FMCG

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