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Supplier & Trade Customer Research

Strong trade partnerships are critical to business success and growth.  We have developed tools to help our clients to readily capture the views of suppliers/trade partners on far reaching topics including:

  • Satisfaction with the relationship and how to improve trade partner efficiency and engagement;


  • Developing training programs to help your trade partners educate your customers about your products and services;


  • Assessing reactions to significant changes in logistics/service delivery and how to assist trade partners with  implementing these operational changes to ensure their business runs smoothly during the transition;


  • Pre-testing trade communications to ensure your message is easily understood and impactful;

  • Identifying segments of trade customers who should be the highest priority for building strong relationships (including better trading terms) as they will have the most influence on your end-customers.

The Rothcorp Group can survey suppliers/trade customers  and can also assist with the analysis, interpretation and reporting of data you may have captured yourselves.

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