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Research with Shareholders

Communications Pre-testing

We work with Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations departments to assist them with pre-testing communications documents (e.g. Annual Reports, Prospectuses, press releases, other communications) PRIOR to them being released to thousands or even millions of shareholders.  Pre-testing communications helps to ensure the desired messages are clearly understood and impactful to ensure the organisation is effectively positioned in the hearts and minds of investors.


IPO Research


We work with organisations and their investment banks/management consultants prior to Initial Public Offerings to:

  • Determine optimal shareholder value propositions to include in Prospectuses and other communications to drive interest in the sale;

  • Estimate potential shareholder demand for the IPO (under differing pricing scenarios).

Shareholders as Customers Research

Given Australia has one of the highest incidences of share ownership outside of the USA, shareholders are a potentially huge source of business for organisations.  Our research helps to identify opportunities for minimising Share of Wallet leakage amongst shareholders to ensure that they not only become customers, but also strong advocates for the brand.

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