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Employee Research

Internal Staff Engagement and Culture Surveys

We undertake confidential and objective evaluations of the beliefs, attitudes and opinions of your most valuable resource -  your employees - in order to identify areas where improvement is required to drive engagement, productivity and retention.

Harnessing Staff Knowledge prior to Customer Research

  • We are firm believers in the need to NOT reinvent the wheel when designing market research programs and an effective first step in achieving this goal, when conducting any customer research, is to seek the views of the frontline staff who service them PRIOR to obtaining customer feedback. 


  • Initial research with staff can help formalise hypotheses for testing with the customers themselves to ensure the research program is laser sharp and focussed on the issues which will have the most impact on the business. 


  • Additionally, any potential obstacles to implementing the findings from the research can be identified during the preliminary investigation with staff. 


  • Upfront research with staff is also an excellent means of achieving buy-in from those who will be implementing any strategic recommendations from the research i.e. the frontline staff servicing the customer.

Staff as Customers Research

Pending the size of the organisation, staff can be a significant source of business for an organisation. Moreover, irrespective of the size of the organisation, they should be vitally important ambassadors for the brand. Our research helps to identify opportunities for minimising Share of Wallet leakage amongst staff to ensure that they not only become customers, but also strong advocates for the brand.

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