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Strategic Market Research & Insights

Turning Insight into Foresight


The Rothcorp Group 






Does our product have the potential for market success?



What is the optimal price for our product or service to drive volume and bottom line profit?



How loyal are our customers and what do we need to do to retain them, get more business from them and encourage them to be ambassadors for our brand so we can attract new customers?



What is the customer's path to purchase in our product category and where are the opportunities to stop the leakage in their journey?



Who comprises the different sub-segments of our customers/potential customers and how do we tailor product/service delivery and communications to each group?



Is our current advertising campaign meeting its performance goals?  Will our potential new campaign resonate with our target market?



How do we map out the end-to-end processes a customer goes through to engage with our organisation?  How well do we perform on all those processes?  At what point in the process are we at most risk of losing customers/creating an unfavourable experience?  What are the opportunities to resolve these issues and make the process easier to deliver a better customer experience?



Is our website or mobile app intuitive and easy to use?  What do we need to change to make the user's experience with our online platforms a better one to ensure visitors can achieve what they set out to do (including purchasing our product)?



The Rothcorp Group has a very clear focus:

We help our clients make better business decisions by delivering independent objectivity and consumer understanding to senior management. In short, we help our clients ELIMINATE THE RISKS in their business decisions by delivering evidence based insight.

We achieve success for our clients by offering psychologically based research grounded in sound academic theory which is combined with practical marketing experience.  



The Rothcorp Group was founded in 2005 by Susanna Roth (BA, DipEdPsych, MA, QPMR) who has over 25 years of market research experience and has previously held senior management positions at some of Australia's leading marketing research agencies.  She founded The Rothcorp Group so as to have the flexibility to work strategically and collaboratively with clients to identify opportunities for maximising their potential for growth and success.


We are proud of our track record of developing long-term relationships with our clients, many of whom we have serviced for more than 20 years. Our integrity, insights and outstanding client servicing are the key drivers of that longevity.


The Rothcorp Group is a full service market research agency specialising in advanced qualitative and quantitative research methods. We service major corporations across the banking & finance, technology & software development, pharmaceutical, logistics & transport, utilities, energy and FMCG sectors, as well as providing research services to some of the world's largest management consultancies.


Between our in-house experts and strategic alliances around the globe, we assemble the finest team of research professionals to help find solutions to your business issues, whatever they may be.  This in turn will ensure your decisions are the most effective which will give you a clear advantage against your competitors to achieve growth.


We are leaders in developing and utilising innovative research methodologies and technologies.  Moreover, each research project is managed in a "hands on" fashion by a senior research director with at least 10 years of industry experience.


Based in the dynamic, high energy, beautiful city of Melbourne, we service clients all over Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the globe.

Susanna Roth, Managing Director, Founded The Rothcorp Group in 2005

  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Melbourne), 1989

  • Diploma in Educational Psychology (Monash University), 1990

  • Master of Arts in Applied Psychology (University of Melbourne), 1992

  • Member of the AMSRS and Qualified Practising Market Researcher (QPMR)

  • Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne School of Behavioural Science (2002 - 2012)

  • Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia

  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Psychology Board Approved Supervisor

Our Research Tools


For any general inquiries, please contact Susanna Roth, Managing Director

of The Rothcorp Group via email ( or via phone

+61 409 019 319 or +61 419 301 387.  Alternatively, fill in the following

contact form:

21 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3205

Tel:  +61 409 019 319; +61 419 301 387



Success! Message received.

ABN: 71 116 018 350

ACN: 116 018 350



  • Digital Ethnography

    • Online Communities​

    • In-home diaries

    • Bulletin Boards

    • Online Focus Groups

    • Video collages

  • Depth Interviews

    • Face-to-face in home at the respondent's premises or at our state-of-the-art focus group room facility​

    • Tele-depths

    • Online Depths

    • Accompanied shops

  • Focus Group Discussions

    • Mini and full size focus groups​

    • Extended focus groups and in-home placements


  • Emotion/Sentiment Analysis (transcripts)

  • Customer Immersion Workshops

  • Ideation  Workshops

  • In-house qualitative recruitment

  • Data Collection Methods

    • Online​

    • Mobile

    • Telephone

    • Face-to-face Intercept

    • Observation (including Mystery Shopping)

  • Data Analytic Techniques​

    • Choice Modelling​

    • Conjoint Analysis

    • Maximum Differential Modelling

    • Latent Class Analysis

    • Self-Organising Maps

    • Key Driver Analysis

    • Conditional Random Forest

    • Structural Equation Modelling

    • Causal Path Modelling

    • Perceptual Mapping

    • Statistical significance testing (e.g. analysis of variance)

    • Emotion/Sentiment Analysis (open-ended responses in quantitative surveys; social media commentary)

    • Net Promoter Score (NPS) & drivers of promotion vs detraction

    • Customer segmentation and profiling

  • Report Automation

    • Building customised automated reporting tools with Excel and Visual Basic 

  • Desk Research​

    • Competitor Profiling Analysis​

    • Macro economic trends analysis

    • Literature reviews of latest academic thinking

  • Design  Thinking & Implementation Workshop Facilitation

    • Design Thinking Facilitation Programs

    • Strategic Implementation workshops​

    • Staff training and coaching

  • Multilingual Research

    • Multilingual Interviewing​

    • Survey scripting in foreign languages

    • Translations

  • Video Storytelling

    • Effective communication of results through video compilations

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